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When will I receive my security deposit amount?
Security deposit refund will be initiated within 7 business days after the date of return of the bike/ car. In case of any damages / violations , any eligible refund may get delayed slightly to incorporate the correct charges from the violations.

Will I the get the car or bike with full tank fuel at the time of booking ?
No. The fuel in the vehicle given to you is at an x point out of y points and the same level of fuel is to be returned back, while returning the vehicle. Vehicle returned with short fuel quantity will result in the fuel cost + 25% surcharge being levied. This will be as per the assessment of the driven team and GST is extra.

Will I get reimbursement, if vehicle returned with extra fuel?
No, there wont be any refund for the extra fuel nor there will be any adjustment in the bill. ( in terms of Extra km's & Extra Hours)

What happens to my security deposit if vehicle is returned with a damage ?
It depends on the damage and on the vehicle type and insurance is triggered only beyond a certain threshold limit described in the agreement and even then, there will be a certain liability assessed by driven to factor insurance short payment, ncb loss, business loss, vehicle depreciation, etc. this amount will be as per the assessment of the driven team and GST extra.

Can I change my plan in between the rental period ?
No, the plan can't be changed once the vehicle is on booking. Need to select the plan before booking itself.

Do I need to pay the border taxes ?
Yes, border tax, toll gate charges and any other challans you will be liable to pay.

I am paying my rental and security deposit through cash, can i get refund immediately after returning the car ?
No. The refund will be made within 7 working days in your bank account.

Whats the policy if the user exceeds the 24 hrs ?
We will charge on hourly basis for first two hours., after 2 hrs the an additional day charge will be levied. In case of extra hour being charged , there is no free km eligible in the hours.

Please give me the car with full tank and i will return you with full tank.
We will attempt to do that but cannot assure that the same will be ensured.

Are there any taxes extra?
The published pricing of driven is inclusive of gst as applicable. this has been made to ensure absolutely ease and clarity of cost. however other tangibles like damages, fuel cost, challans, etc may / will be subject to GST over and above the incurred or stated cost.

Can I speed on the vehicles ?
Government mandated speed restrictions apply in all cases without any exceptions and where there is lack of clarity, driven has enforced a max of 120 mph as the speed limit. Violations are subject to penalties and repeated violations may also result in additional penalties or even the Security deposit can be forfeited and the user will be banned from the driven ecosystem for car and bike rentals.

Whats the policy on traffic challans?
The challans incurred during the rental period are liable to be paid by the user and have to be cleared without any delay immediately. In case the user decides to pay driven for the same, the challan + convenience fee + any applicable gst will be levied.

What documents are required to pick up a vehicle at the location?
For a seamless experience, we suggest you upload your documents while booking itself so that they can be verified. The documents will also be physically verified at the time of pick-up. You need to upload the front and back of each document. In case you don’t have an Aadhar card, please upload a copy of your passport for verification purpose.

What is the eligibility of age to hire car?
Minimum age to hire self drive car is 21 years. apart from that customer should have valid and original driving lisence with LMV (low motor vehicle)

What if I am travelling to india and want to rent a car?
For foriegn nationals, international driving permit is required in addition to the driving licence.

Can my friend or relative pick the vehicle?
No,only the person whose name is mentioned in the reservation form needs to come along with the required documents to pick the vehicle.

What is included in my booking rental amount?
Our prices include the rental charges inclusive of GST. Our prices do not include tolls, inter-state taxes and parking. No hidden charges!

What if the car gets damaged by a third party?
The renter (who has booked the car) is completely liable for any damage done by third party.

What should be done if a car gets a break down?
In case the car gets a breaks down, firstly reach out to our customer care executive of the concerened location who will help you arrange for the towing of the vehicle.You need to arrange to tow vehicle to near by authorised service center. Towing charges will be paid from your end. You need to visit near by police station to lodge FIR in local police / a copy of intimation letter provided by local police authority, and the same should be handovered to our office from where you have picked the vehicle.We will guide you through the entire process. Do not leave the place of breakdown until all formalities have been completed. vehicle documents are to be kept safely with you and it should be handedover along with FIR copy to the location from where you have picked the vehicle.

What if car gets stolen?
A police complaint needs to be registered immediately & the same needs to be informed to us. Acopy of FIR/intimation letter acknowledged by police authority needs to be submitted to our office.