Be Driven
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Terms and Conditions

1 You confirm and agree that you are over the legal age of 21 (twenty one) years and are in possession of a valid driving license that is at least three years old issued by a competent authority to rent and operate vehicles on public roads offered by Driven By You Mobility LLP.

2 You confirm and agree that the vehicle shall be returned with the same quantity of fuel and physical condition that it was hired out to you in.

3 3 You confirm and agree to pay deposits, rental and usage charges in advance as set out in the Rental Agreement and taxes and incidental charges that may be levied by authorities and provide proof of the same. These payments may either be made through an payment gateway, internet banking or at our offices on all working days at regular business hours.

4 You may cancel your booking with Driven at any time up to 48 hours before the date and time of commencement of booking through our toll free hotline number (7569 374 836) or write us an email through our contact form in the Service section of the website. Customers remain liable to pay the full rental price for cancellations made within 48 hours before the start of the reserved rental period or upon failing to pick up the vehicle (no show). This also includes cases, in which the customer does not comply with the rental conditions. Such sums will be recovered from security deposit amounts. The customer may request for refund/s against the unutilized or 'no show' booking within 24 hours from the hour of departure. Any applicable refunds will accordingly be processed as per the Rental Agreement. No refund will be made for requests made after expiry of 24 hours as mentioned above and all unclaimed amounts for such unutilized or 'no show' booking shall be deemed to have been forfeited.

5 You agree and acknowledge that the use of the services offered by Driven By You Mobility LLP is at your risk and Driven By You Mobility shall stand indemnified as set out in the Rental Agreement.

6 You agree and acknowledge that Driven By You Mobility LLP may or may not use personal information submitted by you as per our Privacy Policy.

7 Driven By You Mobility LLP shall be entitled to terminate any booking at any time without giving any reason or prior notice to the Customer.

8 Driven By You Mobility LLP insists all its customers take full responsibility of their luggage/belongings. In case of any loss, from the taxi during the journey, Driven By You Mobility LLP shall not be held responsible for such loss or damage. Driven By You Mobility LLP shall dispose of it as deemed fit after 48 hours from being informed to you and not claiming and collecting it from our office.

9 You agree and confirm that you are liable to provide restitution to Driven By You Mobility in case of vehicular damage while in your possession as per terms set out in the rental agreement.

10 In case of any dispute arising between the Customer and Driven By You Mobility LLP, the dispute shall be referred to an Arbitrator, appointed by Driven By You Mobility LLP in its sole discretion. The courts of Hyderabad, India shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matters which may be instituted before any court of law.

11 Driven By You Mobility LLP shall be entitled to add, vary or amend any or all of these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion and the Customer shall be bound by such addition, variation or amendment incorporated/made in these terms and conditions with effect from the date set forth by Driven By You Mobility LLP.

12 A detailed Rental Agreement that governs these Terms and Conditions are available on and your acceptance of this agreement is essential to complete a booking and payment transaction with Driven By You Mobility LLP.

13 You warrant that you shall abide by all such additional procedures and guidelines, as modified from time to time, with respect to the use of our services. You further warrants that you shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding services provided by us.